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Kuka Officelite Krc V4.1.7




dll and.ocx files are freely available on the net but the installation seems to be hopeless. A: Download it from here: I don't see where you can download the trial version from. Q: Detecting button clicks with Tkinter I have a button which on pressing changes the colors. I have connected it to a function and it works. I also have another button which changes a variable. How can I connect the change in the variable to the function of the first button. def button_function(button): # Do something color_clicked = randint(1, 8) canvas.itemconfigure(color_button, background='0' + ('%d' % (color_clicked))) def button_variable_change(button): button_list['color_clicked'] = color_clicked color_clicked is the variable. I have the button_list which holds the button. When I click on the color_button, it should execute the function color_clicked. How should I do that? One way to do this is to use an after method that activates a function when the button is pressed. If the event is not a button press, no function is executed. import Tkinter as tk canvas.itemconfigure(button, background='0' + ('%d' % (color_clicked))) root = tk.Tk() color_button = tk.Button(root, text="Change Color", command=button_function) color_button.grid() button_list = tk.StringVar() button_list['color_clicked'] = randint(1




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Kuka Officelite Krc V4.1.7

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