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Windsor Newton Professional Water Colour Painting Sticks

Windsor and Newton professional Water colour Sticks Yeeha! Windsor and Newton Professional Water colour painting sticks. I was given a few colours only 6 but, do ye know what, it’s enough for me to like them. Windsor and Newton Professional water colour painting sticks are relatively new to the market I will do a bullet point blog on them. 1/ 48 professional pigment colours 2/ can use them as water colours in the same way you would with a pan. 3/ I drew straight on to the water colour paper with the sticks and them I invited the paint to soften around the edges. It works well and does not stick to the paper or clog up. 4/ You can dip the end of the water colour stick into a water container a

My favorite colours Colours I use a lot firstly, may 2019 be a beautiful painting year with lots of success. I mainly use Winsor Newton pro. Paints. They have a fantastic range of 96 colours within their scope and the light fastness is excellent. Just a note if you are beginning with water colour please don’t go mad and buy the professional Winsor Newton colours, they have a range called Cotman with all the same colours however the pigment is not as strong. Cotman are at least twice as cheap as the Winsor Newton pros. So here I go, just a quick bit of information on each of my favorite colours and sometimes why they are, sometimes I have no idea why they are. My

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