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Dog out of water.

I have a wonderful Labrador/collie cross dog, he is the kindest, gentlest animal and such a great pet. One thing that never ceases to amaze me about him is that he doesn't like water. It's the strangest thing from the breed that he is any way. Can you just imagine the petulant teenager that never wants to get in the shower well that's my dog. However this has been the case since he was a puppy, he loves being taken for his walks the problem is, I live in County Mayo R.O.I. and we get a LOT of rain, (that's why are fields are so beautifully green,) there will always be a few puddles of rain water glistening in the sunlight between The clouds, and how does my doggie treat these puddles? he w

Morning wake up

Morning wake-up. Have you ever got up in the morning and thought maybe I should have stayed in bed or maybe I should have gone shopping instead of going into the studio to paint? I have this quite often especially if I have had a bad sleep, but this is my Business and I need to get some work done. So, to ease my head I always do a morning wake up. (see video) There could be many reasons why people would say “noooo I don’t need to do that” But I do and my reasoning for this is, starting my day this way sets the mood. For me play painting relaxes me, shows me just why I’m doing this so much that I fall in love with water colour painting every day I do my morning wake up. Just the routine of se

Afternoon tea with Mike and Dee

I have been working on a painting which when thought of, was to celebrate two special people and the times that we have with them as friends and cousins. I am talking about my dear friends Mike and Dee. We meet once sometimes twice a week. Sometimes we go out and about other times we just sit and have afternoon tea and cakes. We talk constantly and in all of the conversations of course we sort out the worlds problems. These are such easy times, no proving, no worrying and I would hope Mike and Dee feel the same ( or there are no more cream cakes!). I know it seems like I'm off on a tangent but most of the ideas I have for paintings are from my life around me and as Mike and Dee are part of

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